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Q: How can I join Email Traffic Academy?

A: We limit the number of people who can become new members so we can support them properly. From time to time we open up Email Traffic Academy. To get on the notification list, please subscribe here.

Q: I’m already a member, where’s the login page:

A: Existing members click here

Q: I’m a member but I can’t remember my login info

A: The login page has a username/password lookup, just enter the email you used to register with. If your email is not found, either you didn’t register successfully, or you may have misspelled your email during registration. If that’s the case, please use the contact form below and be sure to list your full name, email you believe you registered with, and any other info you may to help us look you up (order name, etc.)

Q: Do you have an affiliate program for Email Traffic Academy?

A: We are starting a very restricted affiliate program for trusted partners.  Because we’re involved intimately with our members in the training area, it’s important to us where our potential new members come from. For details on the affiliate program click here.

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